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Trevoh Chalobah is an underrated gem – Talk Chelsea

After another great performance by Trevoh Chalobah for Chelsea against Brentford on Wednesday night, applause is rightfully flowing to him.

I was used to the negativity and hatred of Chalobah, but personally I have always found him underrated, underrated and disregarded by the fan sections. He has recently faced unfair hatred and criticism, but has now proved to be a key player for us.

Chalobah recently received a fair share of undeserved hatred, and I don’t think he was angry at all, even when that hatred was common.

He had a few moments and a spell where he made hasty decisions and gave the ball a little too much, I’ll admit. But he never fared badly. I think under Thomas Tuchel he was a little too much ignored and he deserved more.

It wasn’t until this summer that we were talking about Chalobah’s passing. But now he has proven to be an essential part of this team again under Graham Potter, just as he was under Tuchel in the beginning.

Based on its current form, Chalobah would be my second starting center of all our options, just in its current form and reliability at the moment.

Thiago Silva was of course world class and is still the first name on the team sheet in terms of defenders and maybe even the entire team. For me, however, from now on and beyond the present form, Chalobah is next.

Trevoh Chalobah vs Brentford

Photo: Clive Rose / Getty Images

Kalidou Koulibaly has obviously proven himself to be world class throughout his career. But so far at Chelsea, although we’ve seen him more stable lately, he has issues at times and that makes him less reliable than Chalobah at the moment.

Marc Cucurella was similar to Koulibaly in that sense, so for now I would still be Chalobah above him in the back.

Wesley Fofana will be world class, but at times it looks a bit strict and it will naturally take a while to fully calm down and pick up speed. Well, Chalobah squeaks him while he says that.

Don’t get me wrong, Fofana will soon become irreplaceable to Chelsea, which I have no doubts about. I’m not even saying that he shouldn’t start when he’s in good shape, I’m just saying that aside from his current form this season, Chalobah is conquering him from now on, for me anyway.

In my humble opinion, Cesar Azpilicueta should be nothing more than a backup variant, with the highest respect to our captain.

Therefore, I believe Chalobah, in its current form and under the circumstances mentioned above, is our second most reliable choice as a center-back at the moment and deserves to hold its place of merit.

I even think he has little chance of winning the scream of the England team at the World Cup. I think it is unlikely, but certainly not impossible, that it will happen.

He has become Mr. Reliable for us and that was emphasized again yesterday evening against Brentford in Silva’s absence. Chalobah was the calmest midfield for us and did everything in his power to replace what Silva brings us.

He led us to another clean slate at the heart and center of our defense, and it wasn’t a one-off, his form has been outstanding lately.

Graham Potter on Trevoh Chalobah after the Brentford game:

– He came in and did not let us down. He gives it all again. A difficult evening for him with the Brentford center-forward. Another test but coped well with it. Soldier.”

I believe he deserves much more respect and is a better player than some people think he is. There is no reason why he can’t push right now, improve even more, and switch from a rotation option to a regular starter for Chelsea.

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