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Chelsea need to be brave and move on with our midfielder – Talk Chelsea

I want to start by saying that I totally appreciate that not everyone shares my views here, and that’s okay and I fully respect that. Football is a game of opinion, and we don’t all think the same.

But for me personally, I think this summer, and even in January, it really is time for Chelsea to start modernizing midfield.

Today I saw rumors that Jorginho turned down a new contract offer and asked for a higher salary, as well as similar stories from N’Golo Kante over the past few weeks. Personally, I would not even talk about the new terms of extending any of the players, I would let them go because free agents will come in the summer.

It’s not that I don’t judge or love them, I fully respect and appreciate what both players do and contribute. But I’m just so passionate and adamant that now is the right time for Chelsea to change our midfield if we really want to go ahead and catch those at the top.

We need to get more all-round midfielders. We need players that are athletic, fast, solid, physical and technical. Not only helpers who offer one or two of these things. We also need a real defensive midfielder there.

Jorginho, I appreciate what he does, but we are often exposed to defense and counterattacks due to his lack of defensive awareness, pace and athletics. And Kante is too susceptible to injuries for me now.

He has played two Premier League games this season so far and is turning 32 in March, it will only get worse. We’ll be lucky at the end of December to double this to four Premier League appearances. I love a man, but it’s time to move on. Go out with the old and come in with the new.

What I would like to do is bring in one alternate in January so they can settle down and regain control, and then another in the summer. I wouldn’t want players with no experience because you can’t replace such experienced players without taking that into account. But as I say, we need a balance of all the attributes we need to help us, in an area that is my most pressing area right now that we need to improve significantly if we are to catch the top clubs in world football.

This is just my view. You have every right to yours and I fully respect and respect it.

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