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Todd Boehly is poised to retire at Chelsea – Talk Chelsea

Todd Boehly was one of the busiest people in football this summer, and it’s not even a debate.

Not only did he spend a lot of money buying a soccer club, but then he went and spent even more buying new players for that club and then he went even further and made a lot of changes to the club from top to bottom, including management changes.

He became club boss, sports director as well as co-owner and continued to work every hour of each day to try to put his newly acquired business in the best possible place for the coming season.

Some may criticize the way Todd Boehly came in and made all of these changes, others may not. But for me, I feel like Chelsea are in very safe hands right now, no matter what.

However, it’s also very clear now that Boehly is preparing to take a step back from the many operational tasks he has taken over. This is due to the rapidly changing situation of the recruitment team being created.

They already have recruiting analyst Kyle Macaulay arrived with Graham Potter and now they are getting closer to bringing in the soccer director.

But it looks like it’s going to be a recruiting team, an entire department, not just one or two new faces. And it’s clear that Boehly will take a step back from the very busy summer he had and he has put his trust in carefully selected experts.

The passion we have seen so far in supporting Chelsea, you know he will always be there or around overseeing things and making sure the club is successful, which is the ultimate goal of our new owners.

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