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What can we expect from Chelsea by the end of the Premier League season? – Talk to Chelsea

You can’t escape the fact that Chelsea started the season less than brilliantly. So far, victory, draw and defeat have left the team in twelfth place in the Premier League. The question is, what will happen for the rest of the season?

We spoke to a journalist from Gamblers only who said,

“It wasn’t a good start for Chelsea, but it’s just the beginning and many big clubs are struggling. Just look at Liverpool as an example. The truth is there’s plenty of time to finish in the top four. But for that to happen, the team needs to start scoring more goals. Chelsea had problems in this area last season, but Stirling can make a big difference if he plays the right way.

It remains to be seen whether adding Stirling to the squad solves the scoring problems that seem to have been going on since last season.

There are still scoring issues

If the claims are true, Chelsea would be happy to: secure the services of Robert Lewandowski help in solving problems related to the lack of firepower. They didn’t. While not signing such a high guaranteed goal scorer is disappointing, the club managed to secure Raheem Stirling’s services following his move from Manchester City.

Hopefully, it will help the club improve last season’s goal record, when only three players managed to score more than three goals.

Whether or not this happens may depend on whether Stirling will be played as a traditional winger or as a wide offensive poacher. It could also depend on how consistently it is performing.

His tendency to waste from time to time was one of the reasons why … fans have never been fully on his side in Manchester. That being said, he was always a dangerous player during his time at the Etihad Stadium. Hopefully he will bring his skills to the Chelsea team and leave behind the inconsistency.

Was there enough action in the transfer window?

Stirling and center-back Koulibaly’s transfers are a great deal for Chelsea. But there may be a need for further transfer efforts to strengthen the team, especially with Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta who are allegedly looking to move to Barcelona.

One interesting event that has recently come to light is the potential transfer of 21-year-old Wesley defender Fofana from Leicester. Although the foxes have already turned down an offer of roughly £ 70m from Chelsea and time is running out to sign.

Assuming there is no further action in this transfer window, Chelsea will have to make an impact on the Premier League with players already in the squad. So what can happen if that happens?

The rest of the season in the short and long term

Chelsea’s short-term success or defeat will tell us a lot about the strength of the team and club, and whether they have a chance to reach the top four.

Chelsea will play their next home game against Leicester on August 27, 2022. Lisa are in the top three and having problems, so this is a good chance for The Blues to score a precious three points.

The next three games are departing from Southampton on August 30, 2022, home to West Ham on September 4, 2022 and away from Fulham on September 7. Based on the current form, it seems likely that they will win against the lowest West Ham.

If Chelsea can score at least four points out of the six offered in the other two, much tougher games, it suggests that they may just have the strength to fight for the top four.

However, this is just the beginning and we will probably have to wait until Christmas to see how realistic it really is to finish such a high position in the Premier League.

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