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Broja gets a start in Europe and beyond – Talk Chelsea

For me personally, Armando Broja, who received his first summon at Chelsea, is actually two or three games late.

However, there are arguments that due to the fact that he suffered an injury recently and did not train so often, he may not have been ready for the game. I am ready to take this into account. But for me now there are no excuses not to take off on Tuesday night when Chelsea launch their Champions League campaign in 2022-23.

The Blues are going to Croatia to face Dynamo Zagreb and while there is never an easy match in Europe, Broja should start the match anyway. For me, Broja is our best forward now aside from Raheem Sterling, based on his form this season.

Even in the episodic roles he has created, he looks like a real threat and brings something none of our other attackers have, the physical and the presence of the real nine.

He is hungry and eager and will be a real problem for any defender. With half the chance to score and he will take advantage of it. I think it deserves a nod on Tuesday night.

His latest comments, also this week, only prove that he has the perfect attitude and mentality to get here at Chelsea and I think he deserves the reward of the faith shown to him now in his series of starts.

“He [Aubameyang] he is a great player, ”the Albania international told reporters after Saturday’s victory against West Ham, quoted by The Evening Standard.

“He has done a lot in his career so far, and now that he’s come to Chelsea I can learn a lot from him. He did it at Arsenal and Barcelona so he is a good addition to the club and team and seems to be a very good guy.

I’m excited to learn from him and a few things he learned. It’s good to have this competition on the team.

“You see the speculation in the news but I’m here at Chelsea now and signed, so I’m delighted to be at this amazing club. I’ve always been a confident boy so it’s important to keep that and stay confident.

For me, I can help the team a lot. I’ll do my best on and off the pitch in every way possible. I believe I can. “

This is exactly what you want to hear from Broja right now, and there are some really good signs for his future with us.

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